About Maree

Cert. Yoga teacher (Svastha NZ, Auckland)

Cert. Pre-natal yoga teacher (Svastha NZ, Auckland)

300 hr Svastha Yoga Therapy programme

IAYT cert. Yoga Therapist

EmbodyBirth™ pre-birth educator


Hi!  I’m Maree.  I’m 42, I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 21 (half my life this year!), teaching and practicing as a Yoga Therapist since 2011.

 Yoga changed my life.  I tried it out of desperation, seeking to find a solution to the anxiety I was experiencing in my early 20’s, giggled my way through my whole first class… but then noticed how good and how calm I felt afterwards and continued.  Within weeks my anxiety had reduced dramatically and I never looked back.

Since then Yoga has helped me with severe back pain, injuries, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, trauma and so many other things.  For me it is a mainstay and a central part of my physical, psychological and spiritual well being and it is my passion to share this transformational tool with others.

I also have experience in mindfulness, somatic and embodiment practices through my EmbodyBirth™ training and personal therapeutic experience, which I weave into my classes and programmes wherever possible.

I’m passionate about practices that help people overcome whatever is holding them back, whether that is physical, psychological or anything else.  I love reaching into my tool kit and helping people to become self empowered to grow and heal themselves for a life time.  My teaching style is slow, smooth, gently strengthening and focused on encouraging each person to practice in the way that is appropriate for them and to listen to the wisdom of their own body.

I’m also a Mum to two beautiful children.  As well as my personalized programmes, I specialize in teaching Pregnancy Yoga classes and Holistic birth preparation workshops. I’m passionate about helping women to have conscious and empowered birth experiences.   I also provide private pre-natal tuition and therapeutic support following birth.