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Pre and post natal care

As a pre natal yoga teacher, teacher of Mindful Movement for Birth and mamma of two, I bring my experiences together to offer private tuition in Yoga and Holistic birth preparation and also post natal care, in addition to group classes.

Yoga and Birth Preparation:

The benefits of practicing yoga in Pregnancy are many, including strengthening body and mind, developing stamina, calm and the ability to tune into one’s centre, as well as time out to relax and connect with your baby.

During a private session, I will tailor a pregnancy practice to your individual needs, making this particularly ideal if you have an injury or special circumstances to your pregnancy.  I can also help where a previous birth has resulted in birth trauma or anxiety about your upcoming birth.

Mindful Movement for Birth in combination with a pregnancy yoga practice are the most powerful tools I have discovered to prepare for a conscious and empowered birth experience.  The movements are based on ancient practices of birth preparation and help remind our body of our instinctive capacity to give birth.  They provide a somatic learning, coming as close as is possible to simulating the instinctive motions of the body during labour.  This helps strengthen the birthing muscles, teaches us to move our pelvises (which in the West we often hold quite rigidly) and connect with and listen to our birthing bodies.  Since teaching these movements I have had such powerful feedback from the women I have taught and I can also attest to their power personally from my own birth experiences.

Post birth care:

Post-natally I offer practices to help gently strengthen and nurture your body and support you in this amazing time in your life as you adapt to your new role as mother and take time to restore after the demands of child-birth.  This is often not recognized in our culture, but at this time we have a huge opportunity to allow the body to regain it’s energy and take this with us into motherhood if we give it appropriate rest and care.

I also have a special interest in working with women who have experienced a difficult birth, birth trauma or are going through post-natal depression.  Together we can use yoga, movement, mindfulness and other practices to help you move through this difficult time, come back to yourself again and move forward as a stronger you.



$90 per session

Location: Tahi, 1 Devon St East, New Plymouth

Home visits by request for post natal care (additional travel fee may apply)