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Yoga therapy & private classes

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Yoga Therapy sessions

Commit to yourself now, gain self healing skills for a lifetime

Suitable for all levels, including beginners

Perfect for injuries, back pain, limitations caused by illness or structural imbalances, PTSD, emotional & mental stresses, anxiety, depression & pain. Also for those wanting to learn in a private setting and for new Mum’s wanting to restore energy or recover from a difficult birth

Yoga Therapy can offer:
• Healing and rejuvenation for mind, body and soul
• Gentle strengthening and repair for injured areas

• A complimentary practice to support and aid healing of illness
• A return to a feeling of personal well being and wellness
• Increased strength and flexibility
• A professionally guided, but self empowered way of healing 
• A practice focused on your personal needs

• Personal learning in a caring and non- judgmental environment
• A greater experience of your existing yoga practice

Your programme will include regular individualised asana practice (postures), relaxation, breathwork and may include meditation, visualisation, mindfulness, lifestyle consultation, complimentary ayurvedic or holistic wellness practices.
I have a focus on practices that gently strengthen, utilizing a powerful mind-body connection and incorporating mindfulness and one’s own intuition into the healing process.   Each of us has the power to facilitate our own healing, given the right tools and space.  Yoga therapy and developing a personal wellness practice is a profound and self empowering aid to this.
It is recommended to begin with 3 sessions over the period of a month, but casual sessions are also available.  Please feel free to contact me if you are not sure what is best for you.
3 session package (60 min each) $250
casual sessions (60 min) $90
extended session (90 min) $120



Private classes

Enjoy a private yoga class, either one to one with Maree or bring some friends for a private group class.  Either way your class will be tailored to your needs and what you would like to focus on.
1 person private class (60 min) $90
2-3 person private class (75 min) $99

4-8 person private class (75 min) $130

8-10 person private class (75 min) $150

Concessions available when booking ongoing classes



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